CNC Milling, Machining, & Lathing

CNC Milling, Machining, & Lathing
  • CNC turning up to 650 mm Ø x 1200 mm length
  • High precision CNC turning up to 76 mm Ø
  • CNC milling up to 1000 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm
  • CNC milling up to 1500 mm Ø x 400 mm height
  • 5 Axis CNC milling centers
  • External keyways 1000 mm length
  • Internal slotting to 500 mm length
  • Hard turning and milling to 65 HRC

APAC provide a full range of machining services, specialising in precision cutting, lathing, milling, vertical machining, and multi-axis CNC machining. Machining is used extensively in the development of our innovative Australian-made products, including pneumatic and mechanical telescopic masts (mech-masts), hinged and telescoping bipods, tripods, quadpods, and weapons platforms. Some of our equipment is listed below:

Our Caloundra-based workshop is only one hour north of Brisbane, Queensland and has the capacity to machine a diverse range of components, from precision gimbal bearings, to heavy duty tooling for mining and military sectors. We're always excited to work on the development of new technologies and extend Australian sovereign capabilities, get in touch with our team today on 1300 952 788 to discuss your requirements.

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