Hartford Power Center PRO-1000 Vertical Machining Center

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Hartford Power
Center PRO-1000

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Machine Overview

The Hartford Power Center PRO-1000 VMC is a Box Guide Way Vertical Machining Centre. The machine is a compactly constructed power package that combines greater cutting capabilities, critical accuracy, and zero-defect features.


CNC Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs) remain a machine shop fundamental. The machine is designed for both milling and holemaking on a variety of non-round or prismatic shapes. The primary types of machining centers are either vertical or horizontal. The vertical type is often preferred when work is done on a single face. With the use of rotary tables, more than one side of a workpiece, or several workpieces, can be machined without operator intervention. Vertical machining centers using a rotary table have four axes of motion. Three are lineal motions of the table while the fourth is the table’s rotary axis.


  • Uniquely designed column features greater sizes in its class thereby providing added rigidity.
  • 15 HP high torque spindle motor and BT40 gear spindle ensuring the highest performance cutting ability.
  • Endmill: 200 cc/min
  • Facemill: 520 cc/min
  • Meehanite cast iron contributes to unparalleled damping characteristics.
  • Efficient oil and fluid separation incorporated on casting design prevents cutting fluid deterioration.
  • Once-piece casting design integrates chassis and chip disposal opening with base.

The machine encorporates thermal growth compensation technology. Thermal displacement is a serious problem in high speed machining which greatly affects part accuracy, particularly in long-time continuous maching.


Hartford PRO-1000 VMC application examples