Focus FCL-300 CNC Lathe

Focus FCL-300 CNC Lathe

Machine Overview

The Focus FCL-300 CNC Lathe is a powerful milling and turning system. The system adopts the latest tool selection systems, the fastest servo turret, 3-disc clutch gear positioning and fast hydraulic locking. Tool-to-tool change 0.2 second. Powerful drilling, milling, turning, tapping as well as end milling capabilities for high efficiency integrated machining.


Turning is generally used to describe the creation of external surfaces by the application of a cutting tool to cut a path by rotating or “turning” the piece being worked on while the tool remains fixed in place. CNC metal lathes are an extension of this fundamental process where a computer and CAM program is used to control, automate, and monitor the movements of a machine. A CNC lathe like the FCL-300 accepts an AutoCAD .dxf file and begins operation with minimal further input from the machine operator.


  • High Speed and High Precision Hydraulic Cam Turret
  • High accuracy CS indexing spindle driven by CS high accuracy servo motor, high resolution feedback device.
  • Front and rear end of spindle uses high rigidity 2-column NN type ball bearings. 
  • High precision angular ball bearings for heavy duty machining at low speed.


CNC lathing process