Technical Resources


Get information on the materials we use, compare finishes, components and more.

Welding Mast


In this section you'll find a wealth of information relating to aluminium and its alloys.

Common Issues

Iinfrastructure requires good design and maintenance practices to avoid project delays or costly downtime. In this section you'll find articles relating to common issues and practices that can help prevent them.


This section contains articles related to tower components, such as guy wires, footings, brackets, headframes, and more.

Engineering Plastics

In this section you'll find information relating to the different engineering plastics used in APAC's product development.

Each engineering plastic usually has a unique combination of properties that may make it the material of choice for some application. For example, polycarbonates are...


Here you'll find information relating to the different types of metal finishes, such as galvanising, anodising, and more.


APAC utilise some of the most advanced machining equipment on the market, as well as conventional sheetmetal and boilermaking fabrication machinery. Use this section to find out more.

APAC provide a full range of machining services, specialising in precision cutting, lathing, milling,...

Materials Overview

A range of different materials go into manufacturing APAC's class-leading products. In this section you'll find a wealth of information relating to different material types.

Stainless Steel

This section contains information on the materials used in APAC's stainless steel welding and machining.


As the clear choice of major mining and defence entities, APAC strictly manufactures to Australian and international standards to ensure the highest level of quality. APAC hold a number of organisational certifications which you can also find out about in this section.