Viper VT-27 CNC Turning Center

Viper VT-27G CNC Turning Center

Machine Overview

The Viper VT-27G is a High Precision CNC Turning Center.


A turning center is a lathe with a computer numerical control. Sophisticated turning centers such as the Viper VT-27G can also perform a variety of milling and drilling operations. Turning is a machining process used to make cylindrical parts, where the cutting tool moves in a linear fashion while the workpiece rotates. Commonly performed with a lathe, turning reduces the diameter of a workpiece, typically to a specified dimension, and produces a smooth part finish.


  • Large spindle bore - 76 mm (3") bar capacity
  • Geared spindle, ideal for the toughest hard-turning jobs
  • 35 HP main spindle power
  • Live milling and sub-spindle for all your universal work requirements.

Viper's spindle is housed in a cast iron headstock designed to easily handle its spindle drive capacity. The headstock is designed to prevent thermal deformation for better accuracy. Viper's spindle generates excellent surface finishes and extraordinary metal removal rates.