Wall Mount, 320 mm Stand-Off - Galvanised Steel

Wall stand-off mount galvanised steel
Galvanised Steel Wall Mount, 320 mm Stand-Off
CODE: AP-WSM-GS-1200-320
  • Flat surface mounted, such as concrete wall
  • 1200 mm length, 320 mm stand-off distance
  • 48 mm diameter pole
  • galvanised steel construction
  • Fully customisable, built to specification.

Stand-off mounts such as this concrete wall mount are designed to position antennas, CCTV cameras, meteorology, and other equipment away from the otherwise flat mounting surface. APAC designs and fabricates these mounts locally in Sunshine Coast, Queensland allowing not only a quick turnaround but full customisation or fabrication to your existing specification.

This mount is constructed from 48.3 mm O/D CHS with a hot dip galvanised finish. The standard mount is 1200 mm in length with a 320 mm wall offset distance.

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