RH360 Dual-Axis Mechanised Rotator Head, 360°, Twin Arm (Currently Unavailable)

Mechanised tower rotating head
RH360 Dual-Axis Mechanised Rotator Head, 360°, Twin Arm
  • Universal mounting flange
  • 360° azimuthal rotation
  • Independently rotatable arms (180° elevation)
  • Remote controlled
  • Compatible with myinsight.io dashboard system
  • Fine adjustments possible

Meeting the demand for a remote controllable headframe, APAC's RH360 Twin-Axis Rotator Head allows the adjustment of lighting, antenna, and camera systems without lowering the tower or mast.

The RH360 system uses an electronic remote control to adjust the azimuthal rotation of the head, and then independent elevation adjustment of the two arms. Multiple systems can be integrated onto the one mast or tower, allowing implementation of East-West microwave backhaul or radio relay / repeater systems.

This smart system can be integrated into IoT management systems such as the myinsight.io dashboard software, allowing live remote control from anywhere in the world.

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Engineered with ANSYS Finite Element Analysis