Heavy Duty Concrete Wall Mounting Bracket - Galvanised Steel

Wall mount stand-off bracket concrete
Heavy Duty Galvanised Concrete Wall Building Mounting Bracket
  • Hot dip galvanised construction
  • Ultra heavy duty engineered design
  • To suit 75 to 110 mm (OD) poles
  • 10 mm plate, 90x90 box section stand off 180 mm, fully welded
  • Mounts any type of pipe, fully customisable to request

APAC Infrastructures' concrete wall mounting brackets have been specifically designed to meet a demand for large, heavy duty wall mount that can be customised to suit any application. This bracket kit includes a 110 mm U bolt (inside diameter). The standard box section is 180 mm in stand-off, however can be lengthened on request, or re-engineered to an alternative size.

Using the wrong clamp can lead to a range of issues, the most simple of which is equipment misalignment due to a non performing clamp. In extreme cases, the boom of the antenna can break due to increased stresses induced by the constant antenna vibration on a localised point from an inappropriate clamp. Selecting the correct mount will ensure your equipment maintains its position for many years to come.

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