Brackets are used to attach additional pipe, weldments, and equipment to a mount, mast, or tower. The term bracket is often used interchangeably with clamp, however clamps tend to involve the tightning of opposing surfaces, where brackets can involve attachment using U bolts or fixings.

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Angled tower stand-off bracket custom made
  • Suits any application where you need an offset/standoff mount
  • For masts 14 to 114 mm in diameter
  • Heavy duty clamp
  • 10 mm material
  • Offset mounting
  • Custom designed
APAC octagonal pole, adjustable solar mount.
  • Customisable sizes, 
  • suits most solar panel configurations
  • 40 to 114mm pole sizes 
  • Tapered octagonal poles
  • Aluminium construction
  • Fully adjustable
band-it communication pole strap and clamp
  • Bolt/Clamp.
  • Includes a 10mm-16 X 135mm carriage bolt.
  • two clamps per unit
  • Slot will accommodate 19mm width Giant Band
  • 1200mm of strapping included, custom sizes available. 
Cross-over horizontal clamp bracket
  • Perpendicular (90º) right angle mount
  • For poles 20 to 114 mm in diameter
  • 3 mm Stainless 
  • Fully customisable
Wall mount stand-off bracket concrete
  • Hot dip galvanised construction
  • Ultra heavy duty engineered design
  • To suit 75 to 110 mm (OD) poles
  • 10 mm plate, 90x90 box section stand off 180 mm, fully welded
  • Mounts any type of pipe, fully customisable to request
Parallel pipe mounting clamp
  • For poles 20 to 114 mm in diameter
  • Threaded design to vary offset distance
  • Heavy duty clamp
  • Parallel pipe offset mounting
communications bracket, saddle, pipe to pipe, bracing,
  • 304 grade stainless steel
  • clamping range 30mm to 114mm
  • 3mm thick
  • 90deg pressed ends
  • 30mmx30mmx30mm
  • thousands kept in stock
stainless steel guy wire anchor plate
  • 304 grade stainless steel
  • 5mm thick
  • 45deg pressed
  • 600mm roof with 50mm 45deg press
  • 5x 20mm holes
  • 12mm dyna bolt holes for concrete pad installations