GPCA114 Concrete Mounted Pole, 114mm diameter - Galvanised Steel

concrete mounted galvanised pole for rooftop
GPCA114 Concrete Mount Galvanised Pole, 114mm diameter
  • Designed for equipment with large sail areas
  • Modular, customisable BTS / eNB / WISP roof site
  • Galvanised 114 mm (OD) pole, up to 3 metre height
  • 20 mm heavy duty foot plate with 20 mm gussets
  • Two 76 mm rotatable clamping stand-off arms
  • Optional lightning spike
  • Locally manufactured for quick leadtime

APAC's GPCA114 range of 114 mm galvanised steel poles are a rock solid, low deflection mounting platform that resists even the most intense of weather conditions. Constructed from 114.3 mm C350 grade galvanised steel pipe, this pole is built for mounting equipment with large sail areas such as radio transmission stations, wind turbines, microwave, and LTE base station hardware.

The GPCA series are designed for Concrete Anchoring, using four dynabolt or chemset bolts to permanently fix the 20 mm mount to concrete. Single GPCA114 poles can be used to support a range of transmitters including microwave dishes with a pole height up to two metres, and with the addition of complementing cross braces multiple GPCA114 poles can be combined to form a single rooftop site.

Designed and built by APAC in the Sunshine Coast, Australia, you can expect uncompromising standards and a robust, real-world tested mast that will provide the peace of mind that it will perform it's intended role for many years to come. If you have specific requirements our team are able to re-design the mast to suit.

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