Crossover Clamp Bracket - Galvanised Steel

Cross-over horizontal clamp bracket
Galvanised Right Angle (Crossover) Clamp Pole Bracket
  • Perpendicular (90º) right angle mount
  • For poles 20 to 114 mm in diameter
  • 4 mm hot dip galvanised steel construction
  • Fully customisable

Suitable for most applications where you need 90º mounting large structures with a boom 20 to 114 mm in diameter. Mounting pipe works is a relatively straight forward exercise, pick where you need a 90º boom, clamp it on, tighten up the all thread and walk away.

Using the wrong clamp or not using a bracing kit can lead to failure of the pipe work and costly network downtime. Using the wrong clamp can lead to a range of issues, the most simple of which is equipment misalignment due to a slipping clamp. In extreme cases, the material can break due to increased stresses induced by the constant vibration on a localised point from an inappropriate clamp. Selecting the correct mount will ensure your equipment maintains its position for many years to come.


  • Construction: Galvanised steel components, 4 mm thickness
  • Clamp One: 20 to 114 mm diameter
  • Clamp Two: 20 to 114 mm diameter
  • Mounting Orientation: Right-Angle 90º (Crossover)

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