APAC CounterHawk Communications Trailer - Medium Series, Mine-Spec

solar powered communications trailer queensland
APAC CounterHawk Medium Series Communications Trailer
  • 6 Month Lease and hire options available
  • Seven metre dual-stage mast
  • 50 kg (engineered) lifting capacity
  • 50 mm axle with drum brakes
  • Galvanised body, high impact yellow cabinets
  • High quality Australian made product
  • Full custom builds available; mine, aero, and mil-spec builds

APAC specialise in the design and fabrication of communications trailers built to the highest of international standards. Exported to the world, APAC trailers are 100% Australian designed, built, and shipped from our facility in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

The geniune beauty of the trailer body is its versatility - the fully engineered subframe design can be adapted for use in even the most demanding of applications, from military theatre, to aerospace monitoring, to black-coal mining environments. The CounterHawk medium-series trailer has an integrated seven metre dual-section counterweight mast, a 2000x1250x585 mm insulated primary electronics cabinet, and 1200x600x500 mm battery box - all while maintaining a 4473 mm transport length and 1250 kg curb weight.

Operation is simple and effective; the dual-section telescoping mast is extended to desired length, locked into position using a heavy duty 5/8" hitch-pin, and then raised using a powerful 1.8 hp winch system with 6 mm 7x19 strand 316 stainless steel wire.

The standard supplied communication boxes are as standard painted in high impact, high visibility yellow and chassis is hot dipped galvanised. Through partnership with leading Queensland painting facilities, the trailer system can be painted to your specific requirement including to MIL-STD and NATO/STANAG standards, such as Olive Drab, Desert Tan, and NATO Green colour schemes.

The versatile design suits a multitude of purposes and can be deployed in a range of applications including;

  • Defence, counter-terrorism, and policing operations
  • Emergency services/disaster relief
  • Mining CCTV and wireless backhaul
  • Cell-on-wheels / Mesh wireless
  • Surveying and surveillance
  • Semi-permanent and temporary communications

There are many commercial off-the-self configurations available, and systems can be custom designed and fabricated for a specific application to ensure the particular performance requirements are fulfilled. With the range of systems available we'd appreciate the opportunity to work with you in providing a custom design or building to match your application. Contact the APAC team today on 1300 952 788.

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