AL220 Roof Mounted Lattice Tower - Aluminium, 6.2 metre

six metre aluminium roof tower
6.2 Metre AL220 Aluminium Roof Mounted Lattice Tower
  • Ultra lightweight, easy to raise
  • Fully engineered design
  • Climbable to full 6 metres
  • Machined 50 tonne universal-joint base
  • 6 mm 7x19 stainless steel guy wires
  • 3.1 to 21.7 m tower models available

With the exploding demand for wireless point to multipoint services, WISP's have been under increasing pressure to maximise site and spectrum utilisation. Often the challenge faced is reaching the largest number of clients with a limited vantage point from the fibre POP - traditionally tall 'telomasts' have been used but are unsuitable for multiple sectors and most certainly unsuitable for high gain dishes. APAC met the challenge with an ultra lightweight, climbable, aluminium lattice tower that could be easily raised on a roof with a small team.

These roof lattice towers consist of a large rotatable base plate, modular 3.1 metre lattice sections, guy wires, and your choice of headframe. The 3.1 m sections are easily stacked meaning roof towers can be built as small as 3.1 metres with engineering certification up to 37.2 metres (21.7 metres in Wind Region C). APAC's AL220 aluminium lattice modules feature three upright columns made from 42x3 round tube with 25x3 round tube braces welded in between by certified boom welders, providing incredible strength while retaining a lightweight design that can support your technician to climb the full 6.2 metres.

Your safety is most important - the tower base comprises of a 50 tonne rated, fully machined billet aluminium universal-joint. This universal-joint design allows axis locking to permit safe and easy raising, as well as the components machined from solid structural grade aluminium providing absolute peace of mind of tower integrity.

Headframes are available to support a range of wind turbines, radars, camera systems, and telecommunications configurations. Torque Arms (anti-twist) available for applications requiring large microwave antennas, or systems with large offsets.

Engineering Compliance

  Wind Region A Wind Region B Wind Region C
Max. Height (m) 37.2 31 21.7
No. Modules 12 10 7
  1. Aluminium fabrication in accordance to AS1664
  2. Aluminium welding in accordance to AS1665
  3. 7/16" Zinc or Stainless Steel bolts in accordance to ISO 3506 U.N.O.
  4. Guy cables in accordance to AS3569, Class 7x19 Grade 2070
  5. Guy wire preload tension to 1.0 kN
  6. Cable joins and attachments in accordance to AS2579
  7. Structure classification per AS3995 is Type II

We're confident this tower is one of the best designed and safest in the world. Contact our team today to discuss your application.

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