AL220 Portable Tripod Lattice Tower - 4.7 Metres

AL220 4.7 metre tripod lattice tower aluminium guyed
Portable Hinged Tripod Lattice Tower, AL220 Series, 4.7m
  • Lightweight hand-raised design
  • Aluminium tripod outrigger base
  • 4.7 m total height (3.1 m lattice)
  • 220 mm wide body (180 mm faced)
  • 3100 mm section lengths
  • Solid aluminium billet hinge
  • Low maintenance aluminium construction

APAC's tripod-base aluminium lattice towers are manufactured locally in Queensland in 3.1 metre sections allowing effortless transport, meaning total leadtime can be measured in days - not weeks or months. As an ultra-lightweight structure this portable system can be set up in a matter of minutes.

APAC's tripod tower allows instant height anywhere - no footing required. The bolt-together design means easy shipment to site, and the super lightweight design allows hand-raising and lowering of the tower eliminating the need for tower climbs.

This unique portable lattice tower consists of three sturdy bolt-together aluminium outriggers, a 600 mm aluminium base, a 3.1 metre AL220 lattice section, guy wires, and your choice of 1.0 metre headframe. APAC's AL220 aluminium lattice tower modules feature three upright columns made from 42x3 CHS with 25x3 CHS lattice welded in between by certified boom welders, providing incredible strength while retaining a lightweight design that can support your technician to climb the tripod tower.

Capable of mounting a range of lighting, CCTV, sensors, and industrial monitoring equipment, this serviceable mast is popular in mining and construction where climbing structures can present a safety concern..

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