AL220 Aluminium Lattice Module

AL220 aluminium lattice tower module
AL220 3.1 Metre Aluminium Tower Module
  • Ultra lightweight fully engineered design
  • 220 mm wide body
  • 3100 mm modular lengths
  • 40 x 3 mm aluminium CHS legs
  • 25 x 3 mm lattice structure
  • Low maintenance aluminium construction

APAC's AL220 aluminium lattice modules feature three upright columns made from 42x3 CHS with 25x3 CHS lattice welded in between by certified boom welders, providing incredible strength while retaining a lightweight design. Each module is chemically cleaned and treated by hand, producing a brilliant finish.

These sections are 3100 mm in length allowing postage anywhere in the globe. Spare modules have been listed for purchase separately for engineers seeking to build their own system, or as spares to extend the height of existing AL220 towers.

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100% Australian Made