12/24volt mechanical mast. 8m extended. 1.8m retracted 50KG load

APAC 12/24volt Mechanical 8m telescopic mast, 1.8 retracted
  • Extended 8m
  • retracted 1.8
  • 50kg payload
  • 6 sections
  • electric winch
  • sprial cable
  • white in colour
  • optional rotating head

12/24V telescopic mast, thoughtfully crafted to bridge the gap between portability and performance. This mast is composed of 6 robust sections, each ensuring seamless extension to reach a  height of 8 meters, while conveniently retracting to a compact 1.8 meters for hassle-free relocation and storage.

Our mast boasts a powerful 4500LBS, 24V DC electric winch, ensuring a smooth and reliable elevation process. Each section is meticulously designed for maximum stability, even under the heaviest payloads of up to 50 kilograms. For those requiring advanced connectivity, the mast incorporates a 2CAT6+26mm² spiral cable, catering to today's high-tech demands.

A standout feature is the 24V DC rotating head, enhancing the mast's adaptability and operational scope. This head, combined with its sleek white finish, not only elevates the mast's functionality but also its aesthetic appeal.

For ground anchoring, the mast's foundation is robust yet straightforward, ensuring a secure stance during operation. And to top it off, a range of headframes are available, tailored to support various applications, from telecommunications setups to advanced surveillance systems. Need to prevent twisting during operations with larger equipment? We've got you covered with our Torque Arms, ideal for applications involving large microwave antennas or systems with significant offsets.

In the fast-paced world of technology, why wait weeks or even months? With our 12/24V telescopic mast, you get the pinnacle of design and functionality, delivered in record time.

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