THR76 Hand-Raised 5m Telescopic Mast with Folding Tripod

folding tripod with telescopic mast
APAC THR58 5m Telescopic Tripod
  • High grade acetal and anodised aluminium construction
  • Quick-release locking, five metre maximum height
  • Machined tripod arms with nylon inserts
  • Universal mounting spigot
  • Spring-loaded locking pin
  • Innovative, custom, and mil-spec builds available
  • 100% Australian designed & manufactured
  • weather monitoring tripod

Introducing APAC's high grade portable aluminium tripod mast, designed and built right here in Sunshine Coast, Queensland. This tripod is a finely machined and fully welded work of art, the arm fittings have been precision milled from 6005A (medium structural) aluminium alloy, and all plates and tabs water cut for consistent, repeatable manufacturing. Nylon inserts and sleeves are used to protect the surface of all moving parts. The mast slips into the tripod base for easy transport and storage.

The three section (5.6 m) telescopic mast has an APAC-standard THR76 four stud mounting spigot to match our range of headframes and bracket systems, allowing supply of a more tailored design using economical off-the-shelf and pre-engineered components. The off-the-shelf material finish is anodised aluminium, with optional internal plungers to resist lowering before the quick-release locking mechanisms are engaged.

The mast's THR76 universal mounting spigot is constructed from Acetal (Polyoxymethylene) engineering-grade plastic. Acetal has creep resistance and is resistant to hydrolysis, strong alkalis and thermo oxidative degradation. Acetal is suitable for use in components where exceptional strength is needed for above average temperature or moisture levels, conditions we often experience here throughout the Asia Pacific region.

The use of acetal has been key to ensure the locking mechanisms can handle huge payloads without slippage - of course you'll need to contact us to determine the maximum payload for your specific application. When it comes to mounting your payload, APAC provide a four-stud universal bolt pattern which matches the range of brackets, spigots, and headframes that can be swapped in-out. Whether you're mounting surveillance cameras, Go Pros, radio communications, lighting, or meteorology equipment APAC have a mount to match.

To meet requirements for Australian Defence applications, the mast can be built to meet MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F, AECTP-100, and other STANAG requirements.

With the range of systems available we'd appreciate the opportunity to work with you in providing a custom design or building to match your application. As a local manufacturer, with all components machined locally, APAC have total control over the supply chain process ensuring on-time delivery, every time. Contact the APAC team today on 1300 952 788.

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