Material Specifications - Techtron HPV PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)

Material Specifications
Techtron HPV PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide)


Polyphenylene sulfide is an engineering plastic, commonly used today as a high-performance thermoplastic. PPS can be molded, extruded, or machined to high tolerances. This reinforced, internally lubricated polyphenylene sulphide grade demonstrates an excellent combination of properties including wear resistance, load-bearing capabilities and dimensional stability, when exposed to chemicals and high temperature environments. Techtron® HPV PPS finds its applications where PA, POM, PET, PEI and PSU fall short or where PBI, PI, PEEK and PAI are over-engineered and a more economical solution must be found.

Thanks to the uniformly dispersed internal lubricant, Techtron® HPV PPS exhibits excellent wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction. It overcomes the disadvantages of virgin PPS caused by a high coefficient of friction, and of glass fibre reinforced PPS which can cause premature wear of the counter face in moving-part applications.

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Chemical resistance 
  • Load bearing capabilities
  • Dimensional stability


High-performance, demanding industrial components such as chemical process equipment, pump, valve and compressor components, high temperature insulators, brush holders, industrial drying and food processing ovens, bearings, and rollers.

Technical Specifications

The guaranteed minimum mechanical properties of Techtron® HPV PPS, extruded are shown below.

Techtron HPV PPS engineering plastic
Physical Properties Metric
Density 1.43 g/cc
Water Absorption 0.010 %
Water Absorption at Saturation 0.090 %
Mechanical Properties Metric
Hardness, Rockwell M 84
Tensile Strength 75.2 MPa
Elongation at Break 4.0%
Tensile Modulus 3.72 GPa
Compressive Strength 107 MPa
Coefficient of Friction, Dynamic 0.20
Electrical Properties Metric
Surface Resistivity per Square 1.0e+13 ohm-cm
Dielectric Strength 19.7 kV/mm
Thermal Properties Metric
CTE, linear 59.4 µm/m-°C
Thermal Conductivity  0.303 W/m-K
Melting Point 280 °C
Maximum Service Temperature, Air 221 °C
Flammability, UL94 V-0
Chemical Resistance Properties Metric
Acids, Strong (pH 1-3)  Limited
Acids, Weak   Acceptable
Alcohols  Acceptable
Alkalies, Strong (pH 11-14)  Acceptable
Alkalies, Weak Acceptable
Chlorinated Solvents Acceptable
Conductive / Static Dissipative No
Continuous Sunlight Limited
Hot Water / Steam Acceptable
Hydrocarbons - Aliphatic Acceptable
Hydrocarbons - Aromatic Acceptable
Inorganic Salt Solutions Acceptable
Ketones, Esters Acceptable