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Tower Accessories

Here you'll find all accessories and add-ons for our tower systems. We've a complete listing of all modular components so that you can even custom build your own tower. 

As an explanation on terminology, headframes are a type of tower extension or attachment that bolts on to the top of the tower to provide a mounting platform for large systems. Mounts are components used to provide surfaces for the attachment of brackets or equipment, such as microwave radio transmitters, cameras, meteorology, and sensors. They differ from brackets which are used to clamp additional pipe, weldments, and equipment to the mount.

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Portable tripod base, aluminium lattice tower, QLD, Australia.
  • Durable, modular design
  • Heavy duty galvanised tripod outrigger base, hinged and pinned
  • 5min deployment time
  • 4 m total length 
  • to suit AL220 tower sections or AL340 tower sections
  • Low maintenance galvanised construction
  • Optional Extra for the AL tower range
  • Optional pintle hook for towing short distances
  • Offroad tyres with Aluminium hubs
  • supporting jack up legs
APAC octagonal pole, adjustable solar mount.
  • Customisable sizes, 
  • suits most solar panel configurations
  • 40 to 114mm pole sizes 
  • Tapered octagonal poles
  • Aluminium construction
  • Fully adjustable
band-it communication pole strap and clamp
  • Bolt/Clamp.
  • Includes a 10mm-16 X 135mm carriage bolt.
  • two clamps per unit
  • Slot will accommodate 19mm width Giant Band
  • 1200mm of strapping included, custom sizes available.