AT90 Aluminium Monopole Headframe, Three Sector

Three Sector Headframe for AT90 Climbable Monopole
  • Mounts to APAC Climbable Monopoles
  • Tri-sector headframe
  • Ideal for UMTS/LTE eNB
  • ABC sector deployment for multipoint
  • Stackable, same mounting bolt pattern on top
  • Custom designs available

Complementing APAC's AT90 Aluminium Climbable Monopoles, this three-sector mast head/headframe has been built to mount a range of telecommunications and CCTV equipment, but most specifically 65° sector antennas used in UMTS/LTE radio access and in some point to multipoint configurations.

Each vertical mount is constructed from 50 mm diameter aluminium and secured to a centre column via two 32 mm diameter tubes to provide a high degree of rigidity and minimal deflection/torquing. Additional strengthening can be added to match your intended application.

Designed and built by APAC in the Sunshine Coast, Australia, you can expect uncompromising standards and a robust, real-world tested headframe that will provide the peace of mind that it will perform it's intended role for many years to come. If you have specific requirements our team are able to re-design the mast head to suit.

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100% Australian Made