AT60 Portable Aluminium Tripod Mast - 6 Metre

climbable aluminium tripod guyed mast
Portable Hinged Tripod Mast, AT60 Series
  • Climbable foot-pegs to four metres
  • 6 metre total height, two section design
  • Aluminium 60 mm (OD) pole, with 50 mm top section
  • Guyed at the four and six metre marks for exceptional stability
  • Stakes / pegs supplied, levelling jacks optional
  • Portable, all-aluminium design weighing less than 50 kg.

APAC's tripod-base aluminium masts are manufactured locally in Queensland and can be erected with a small crew using only hand tools. The hinging tripod design is offered built with APAC's AT60 and AT90 climbable aluminium mast modules. Able to be set up in under an hour with a team of two, this tripod mast allows instant height anywhere - no footing required.

This unique portable mast consists of three bolt-together aluminium outriggers, a 1.0 metre aluminium base, one 2.7 metre aluminium pegged mast section, guy wires, and two metre spigot or headframe. APAC's aluminium AT60 modules feature fully welded 6005A medium structural aluminium alloy foot pegs attached to a 60 O/D X 5 mm round tube. The hinge is machined from 76.2 mm solid billet 6005 T5 aluminium, providing unmatched strength with precision machining ensuring perfectly distributed load across bolt and 10 mm aluminium plate receptacle.

APAC's climbable six metre tripod meets the challenge for a medium height while maintaining accessibility, allowing cameras, instruments, and radio systems to be aligned, or more equipment added post-installation.

Headframes are available to support a range of sensors, camera systems, and telecommunications configurations. We're confident this tower is one of the best designed and safest in the world. Contact our team today to discuss your application.

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