AL220 Torque Arm Assembly

Aluminium tower torque arm assembly
AL220 Aluminium Lattice Tower Torque Arm Assembly
  • Anti-twist torque arm
  • Six-way guying
  • For APAC AL220 aluminium lattice towers
  • Bolt-together aluminium design
  • U-bolt attachment to tower
  • Designed to increase torsional resistance on guyed towers
  • Simple installation

Anti-twist torque arm assemblies are used to provide six-way guying to increase torsional resistance on towers supporting microwave/pencil beam antennas or surveillance cameras.

Attached to standard APAC AL220 aluminium lattice towers at any section by three heavy duty U-bolt clamps (not pictured). This system has been designed specifically to match APAC AL220 ground and roof mounted aluminium lattice towers (220 mm faced, 40 x 3 mm round tube).

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