AL220 Gin Pole

AL220 Gin Pole Assembly for lifting aluminium lattice towers
Gin Pole for AL220 Lattice Towers
  • Durable aluminium gin pole
  • Attaches to AL220 lattice modules
  • Suitable for tower heights to 15.5 m
  • Winch cable guide and pulley wheel

Designed to lift AL220 modular aluminium lattice towers, this gin pole can be used to minimise man power requried to raise the tower into position.

The 2.2 metre length gin pole is attached to the first AL220 section in your tower and winch cable laid through the guide resting on top of the pulley wheel. With the winch positioned at a suitable distance from the tower, the cable lifts from the top of the tower and braces on the pulley wheel, allowing an effective lift that no longer requires personnel to be involved.

While most effective with shorter towers, the gin pole can be used on AL220 towers to heights of 15.5 metres.

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