AL220 Aluminium Tower Spigot, Single Mount

Aluminium lattice tower spigot
AL220 0.9 Metre Aluminium Tower Spigot
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Attaches to AL220 lattice modules
  • 900 mm height, 50 x 4 mm round tube
  • 40 x 6 mm aluminium flat bar gussets
  • Low maintenance aluminium construction

APAC's AL220 aluminium spigots are designed to attach to the top of any AL210 series lattice tower. Constructed from a 900 mm (0.9 metre) length of 50 x 4 mm round tube and strengthened with 40 x 6 mm flat bar gussets, ensuring incredible strength while retaining a lightweight design. Each module is chemically cleaned and treated by hand, producing a brilliant finish.


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100% Australian Made