GC32 Collared Roof Mast, 32 mm diameter - Galvanised Steel

heavy duty galvanised steel roof mast colorbond
GC32 Collared Roof Mast, 32 mm diameter
  • Designed for applications requiring moderate-high stability
  • Galvanised 32 mm (OD) pole, various heights up to 2 m.
  • Collared design with 5 mm thick foot plate
  • Sliding collar with set-screw locking attachment
  • 100% Australian designed & manufactured

32 mm roof masts are an ideal mid-grade mast, providing good stability with minimal visual impact. With heights available up to two metres, the mast can be used for a range of applications including CCTV surveillance, weather monitoring, outdoor WiFi, and lighting. At a more economical price point than 48 and 75 mm masts, 32 mm masts are a fantastic choice for radio telemetry, monitoring, and wireless network rollouts where thousands of masts may be required.

The GC32 series' collared design encorporates two sliding collars allowing stay bars to be attached to the centre mast without invalidating certification by drilling new holes to vary the stay bar pitch angle. This design is safe, fast, and heavy duty, and is available in a range of different heights. The footplate has a hinged design allowing pitch compensation for standard corrugated iron and tin roofs.

Designed and built by APAC in the Sunshine Coast, Australia, you can expect uncompromising standards and a robust, real-world tested mast that will provide the peace of mind that it will perform it's intended role for many years to come. If you have specific requirements our team are able to re-design the mast to suit.

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100% Australian Made