APAC CounterHawk Solar Trailer - Light Series

APAC Counterhawk light duty solar communications trailer, fabricated in QLD
APAC CounterHawk Light Series Solar Trailer


  • 6 Month Lease and Hire Options Available
  • Six metre dual-stage mast
  • 50 mm axle with drum brakes
  • Galvanised chassis and cabinets
  • Slide-out 1.0 tonne stabilising outriggers
  • High quality Australian made product
  • Full custom builds available; mine, aero, and mil-spec builds

APAC specialise in the design and fabrication of solar and communications trailers built to the highest of standards. Exported to the world, APAC trailers are 100% Australian designed, built, and shipped from our facility in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

The CounterHawk light-series trailer has an integrated six metre dual-section counterweight mast and 1000 x 550 x 800 mm aluminium checkerplate primary electronics cabinet - all while maintaining a 4200 mm transport length and 760 kg curb weight. All components including the mast are bolt-on for easy removal and reconfiguration. As standard the trailer can be supplied with a 270 to 810 Watt solar configuration, alternatively APAC can tailor build the solar system to meet your performance requirements.

Operation is simple and effective; the dual-section telescoping mast is extended to desired length, locked into position using a heavy duty 5/8" hitch-pin, and then raised using a 1.2 tonne braked hand winch with 6 mm dyneema rope. The four telescoping outriggers are extended and locked in place using the supplied heavy duty pins and set-bolts. Optionally, Four 7x16 mm galvanised steel guy wires can then attached to the outriggers and the trailer is ready to go.

The versatile design suits a multitude of purposes and can be deployed in a range of applications including;

  • Defence, counter-terrorism, and policing operations
  • Emergency services/disaster relief
  • Mining CCTV and wireless backhaul
  • Cell-on-wheels / Mesh wireless
  • Surveying and surveillance
  • Semi-permanent and temporary communications

There are many commercial off-the-self configurations available, and systems can be custom designed and fabricated for a specific application to ensure the particular performance requirements are fulfilled. With the range of systems available we'd appreciate the opportunity to work with you in providing a custom design or building to match your application. Contact the APAC team today on 1300 952 788.

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