APAC Aluminium freestanding communication mast 3.2m AL220

freestanding aluminium monopole 2m, 4m, 6m, 30m , starlink, 3g, 4g, 5g
Aluminium freestanding communication mast 3.2m AL220
  • Lightweight AL220 tower section
  • Hinged base plate. 
  • 3m to 6.5m heights
  • 500 mm wide base to suit the surefoot s400/600 or custom ground cage
  • custom designs available
  • 12mm aluminium base plate and gussets
  • Low maintenance aluminium construction

APAC's modular free-standing aluminium lattice towers are manufactured locally in Queensland in 2m through to 6.5m sections allowing effortless transport, meaning total leadtime can be measured in days - not weeks or months. The Aluminum box is a 6106 t6 structural grade. As a freestanding tower they find their usefulness in many telecommunications applications where height is provided naturally by terrain, and when mounting to the side of buildings.

These modular monopoles consist of a large 12mm base palte base plate, s400 or s600 surefoot foundation, and a choice of headframe. The hinged base plate allowes lowing and raising the section manually without the need for an EWP or working on a ladder.

The monopoles are easily fabricated and can be built as small as 2 metres with structural engineering certification available for larger orders up to 6.5 metres. 

Headframes are available to support a range of wind turbines, camera systems, starlink and telecommunications configurations. Guy wires and torque arms (anti-twist) available for applications requiring large microwave dishes, radars, or systems with large offsets.

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