AL220 Aluminium Hinged Lattice Tower, Winch Raised

Winch-Raised AL220 Aluminium Hinged Lattice Tower
  • Ultra lightweight serviceable design
  • 3.1 to 9.3 m tower heights
  • 210 mm wide body
  • 3100 mm section lengths
  • 40 x 3 mm aluminium round tube legs
  • Quick, simple winch raising
  • Low maintenance aluminium construction

Introducing another fantastic innovation by APAC's Sunshine Coast team; a winch-raised aluminium lattice mast, perfect for applications requiring maintenance or adjustment of equipment without need for a working at heights permit.

We've designed this tower to be raised using an integrated heavy duty winch, with 7x16 stainless steel wire rope. For more permanent installations we supply a counterweighted model which can be lowered slowly using a rope or cable like an ordinary galvanised pole.

Capable of mounting a range of lighting, CCTV, sensors, and industrial monitoring equipment, this serviceable mast is incredibly popular in mining and construction where climbing structures can present a safety concern, eliminating the need for an elevated work platform or a certified tower rescue team to perform even simple adjustments. This mast is also ideal for combination with wind turbines, providing high elevation with maximum stability.

Manufactured right here in sunny Queensland we can supply in ultra short lead times; a welcome change from waiting weeks, even months for hinged galvanised poles which most suppliers ship in from China.

Our winch-raised lattice tower is available in a range of colours and finishes, most popular of which is safety yellow for mining. Contact our team on 1300 952 788 to discuss your application.

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100% Australian Made