AIR1560 Pneumatic Mast, 15.6m Height (Currently Unavailable)

15 metre pneumatic air operated mast pump up for sale queensland
AIR1560 Pneumatic Air-Operated Mast, 15.6m Height
  • Self-locking for long term deployment
  • Collapsed height of 2550 mm
  • Extended height of 15630 mm
  • 140 kg payload, 10 sections
  • Dual GD Thomas compressor system
  • High grade structural aluminium construction
  • All-robotic welded for maximum reliability

Complementing our locally manufactured telescopic mast systems, APAC have commissioned a standardised range pneumatic mast systems to allow the delivery of a cost effective air-operated mast. The AIR series of pneumatic pump-up mast are available in 9.5, 12, 15, and 18 metre heights and are capable of supporting payloads up to 160 kg. Each system is supplied with a full control module, comprising of a world-standard GD Thomas compressor system for reliable, safe lifting every time.

APAC's locking pneumatic masts are ideal for military communications, lighting, elevated testing, meteorology, surveillance, and mobile radar applications. Internal keying and a rigid design ensures minimal wind deflection, even without guy wire attachment. For additional stability and for larger systems each pneumatic mast is supplied with a guy wire kit. Automatic sectional locking assures personnel and payload safety, and permits compressorless operation for long term and even permanent installations.

The AIR1560 mast is a 15.6 metre, 10 section mast which collapses to 2.55 metres. The mast is capable of supporting payloads up to 140 kg. AIR1560 has a military-grade hard-anodised treatment, developed for extremely harsh environments such as sandstorms and coastal locations subject to corrosive salt air. Designed for operations in the middle east, the system uses a dual compressor system, providing exceptional reliability through redundant supply.

Manufactured from high strength aluminium alloy (>260 MPa tensile, >245 MPa yield), AIR1560 pneumatic masts are robotically welded in an ISO 9001 certified facility to ensure high precision and consistent, reliable supply leadtimes. All systems pass a stringent mechanical engineering inspection prior to shipment.

With the range of systems available we'd appreciate the opportunity to work with you in selecting the most suitable pneumatic mast for your application. While we try to keep a small number on hand, as an imported system leadtimes may exceed 8 weeks. Contact the APAC team today on 1300 952 788.

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